Friday, February 29, 2008

February List

I am posting a new List of Current Favorites in honor of the leap year, just because I can!

~ LOST, as usual. :)
~ Heroes. Eric and I have recently started watching season 1, and we're hooked after just a few episodes!
~ Wendy's Diet Coke. Why? I really can't say... it just tastes sooo good.
~ Battling Eric in the Pirates application on Facebook. As of right now, I'm winning. Yes, Eric finally saw the light and joined Facebook. Muaaah!
~ Edy's Sugar Free Cookies 'N Cream. Otherwise known as pure indulgence.
~ Sleeeeeep
~ Working on the nursery. Tomorrow we're painting all of the furniture white!
~ Cute, fun flats. Like these silk purple ballet flats I got recently! (From

I would add more to my list, but I am feeling the beginnings of a migraine and I am very tired! Hopefully I will have more pictures of the nursery to post in the next few days. :D

Baby Shower Videos

For those who are interested, here are a few short videos that Katie took from my baby shower! Enjoy. :) {Edit: I have added another video below, showing yours truly opening more gifts from the baby shower. The new one is a bit longer than the first two.}

Monday, February 25, 2008

Nursery Transformation

The nursery has been painted! Eric and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Eric did an exceptionally accurate job taping the trim and stripe in the middle of the wall, so we could get the look just how we wanted it! I'll have more pictures later as we continue the transformation. These pictures may be a little hard to see, but they are just meant to be a glimpse into our total nursery transformation. The top of the room is painted with "Whispering Peach" and the bottom half is "Classic Taupe", with a white stripe in between. More pics to come as we complete the room.



Thursday, February 21, 2008

Now That the Writer's Strike is Over...

Some of our favorite shows are coming back with brand new episodes! I thought it was worth it to mention that soon we will be able to entertain ourselves with more than the lousy reality shows that have overpopulated the TV stations recently. Besides our beloved LOST, which plans to air 14-15 total episodes (as far as I know), here are a couple of shows I enjoy that are coming back soon according to this article on Yahoo!.

The Office ~ They expect to shoot 6 new
episodes to begin airing on April 10th.

CSI ~ They expect 6 new episodes
to begin airing on April 3rd.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Baby Shower!

February 15th was a great day. I had an awesome appointment with my perinatologist, who praised me highly for how well I am doing with my diabetes and how baby Audrey is doing, growing on schedule in the 77th percentile. The greatness of the day was compounded by the fact that my brother in law and his wife were staying with us for the weekend. To top it all off, the evening brought my wonderful baby shower, thrown by my girl friends from small group. They outdid themselves, I was blown away! They anticipated my "baby shower wishes" perfectly, and I couldn't have enjoyed myself more. Here's the proof, compliments of the lovely photographer Katie! She was so sweet to take pictures all night for me. Click for big versions.

I was really excited about the whole night.
As if you couldn't tell. :)

We painted onesies and bibs with waterproof puffy paint.
This was a big hit, such a cute idea!

Here's the one Katie made (inside joke) ~ I love it! :D

Cassie showing her skills by making an amazing
OSU onesie ~ the logo is perfect!

Such cute ideas ~ I won't show them all
because there are so many! This one is already so true. :)

Laura and Katie taking a photo break
from being the world's most amazing hostesses!

Here is a small part of the delicious spread the girls prepared.
I almost fell over when I walked in!

The center pieces. So pretty!

The gifts ~ oh the gifts!

Each gift I opened brought a collective
"Awwwww" from the ladies. :)

My sister in law Jennifer made this BEAUTIFUL baby blanket for me.
It's incredibly soft and it is obvious that she spent a lot of time on it!

I got the stroller/carseat combo that I wanted! THANK you Mom & Dad, and Jim & Kris (Mom & Dad #2)! Apparently we picked the one that was hard to get... it had to be shipped from out of state. Figures! :)

The small group got us this big gift that turned out be a pack n' play, which I was overjoyed to receive! It was one of those items on my registry that I didn't expect to get. It will come in so handy ~ can't wait to use it!

All in all it was a spectacular evening, and one I will always remember. We got so many great gifts! Now that we have a wonderful start for our nursery, we'll be painting this weekend and putting furniture together. I can't wait to get it done... Come back early next week and see pictures of the nursery!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Eric is the most wonderful husband, ever. This is completely obvious in many, many ways. One way is that he always knows what will cheer me up or make me feel special. We decided on a very low key Valentines Day this year, yet he got me the Starbucks mug I've always wanted and some delicious Cafe Verona (one of my faves), decaf of course for the pregnant girl! Here's to the most wonderful man on earth, the only man for me. *sniffle*

I'll be posting baby shower pictures tomorrow! YAY! Come back soon and see. :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Audrey Ann, LOST, and a Cozy Dogpile

Well, last week's LOST premier certainly lived up to my expectations. I thought it was great! I have a few theories, but more than anything I am waiting in excited anticipation to watch the next episode! {Edit: it would help if I finish my sentences before I post!} I hope my fellow LOSTies enjoyed the nail biting suspense as much as I did, and look forward to the coming episodes. Seriously, if they don't air more than 8 episodes this season I think I may die. For real.

Baby news! We finally decided on a name for the baby girl we have affectionately called Rice Rice Baby up until now. Her name will be Audrey Ann. Audrey is a classic, timeless name that Eric and I both love, and Ann is my Mom and my middle name. I am excited to carry on the middle name tradition! :D We LOVE her name and cannot wait to meet her. Being able to call her by her name is a wonderful, real, and exciting thing. A very sweet friend of mine sent us a gift recently, my very first baby gift! I almost danced around the house with joy. Here are a few of the things she sent including the cutest bib ever ~ thank you April! :D

In other news, Gabby and Sasha are becoming the most mellow, affectionate, and cuddly dogs in the history of Labrador Retrievers. I'm not kidding ~ see for yourself!

Neck warmers named Sasha come only in black. Batteries not included.

No, we could not possibly be more cute. Well, maybe for a biscuit.

Don't bug me ~ I'm dozing!