Saturday, May 19, 2012

Where Have I Been?

So, I've been busy once again. I say it every time I blog. You probably expect to hear it now. You may have stopped reading or even checking this blog - I am just that predictably slackerish. Well, this time I have something to show you that proves my hitherto alleged busyness. Click on the banner and check it out!

 I did it.. finally... I started my own photography business. CHECK THAT OFF THE LIST! Ha, kidding. Clearly, "starting" something doesn't also/always mean "being successful" at it. We all know that a business of any kind takes more hard work, learning lessons the hard way (too bad I already have a habit of this), pain, loss of sleep, possible loss of cash, blood, sweat, and tears than we could ever imagine. So far the Lord is really blessing it. I have watched Him open doors even from the beginning of my thought process about starting it. I constantly give it up to Him and know, deep down, that it isn't worth it to put time and energy into if He isn't leading me and opening the doors. Throwing myself at said doors to try to get them to open will never work. Bottom line: I am not trying to make this a million-dollar-money-maker. YES of course I will put my best foot forward into every ounce of energy I do put into it (I'm too tired for proper grammar - I hope you can forgive me!). At this point, I am moving forward and seeing what God wants to do with it. I'm excited and having fun and trying not to freak out when people actually like my photos, my style, and want me to take their picture. #HELP.

I knew this was well over due, so I wanted to share before falling asleep in my comfy chair. I'm exhausted, so.. goodnight.

Oh... check the blog above frequently... I hope to have new photos up often!

Okay really this time.. Goodnight!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! You are a natural, through and through, and I am so delighted for you!

I would make one teensy suggestion...your 'watermark' trademark...could you not put the pretty, swirly sun before your name, and the (c) symbol after it?